Ypsylon was great fun

we spent 7 days in nilaveli. snorkeling, diving and watetsport with ypsylon was great fun. we had a really good time with the crew of the divecenter. they were always helpful and friendly and were soo nice with our six year old daughter

Kurt Suarez
Ypsylon diving school

What a GREAT way to learn or extend your diving skills!
We were with two families, 3 certified divers, 4 starting and 1 snorkelling. Personal attention above and under water. Youngest, 13years old, 2nd dive, was escorted all the way and shown variety of fish, corals ánd had the opportunity to swim with a turtle. WOW!
Personally I did 2 dives, first with group of 4 to Eric’s point. A lot of fish and coral and one of us saw a turtle.
Second dive, after fantastic snorkelling experience with white tip reef sharks, we all 3 were lucky and saw 2 turtles. One nibbling at our arm the other one eating.
What a great privilege to see these animals in their natural habitat.
Thank you so much, Roy, Sampa, Olpe and ‘the rest of the gang’ for enjoying our time with you. Stuti Robert

Robert Jack
The best time ever

I came here with my sister who is a diver. I was so scared to try diving but the staff were amazing. They were so patient with me and took extra care to make sure I felt comfortable and had a great time. I loved it so much that I went back for another dive with them. It was really cool that they had heaps of different places to take us out so even though I went for a few dives they were all in different spots. I’d come back to Sri Lanka to go diving here again.

Ardelia Provost
Seriously good guys

Whilst visiting Sri Lanka I dived with Ypsylon on two dives. Both off Pigeon Island.

I had taken none of my own equipment so had to hire the whole lot. Everything was up to date and in good condition. The tanks were all virtually brand new and aluminium. The centre is PADI and offers all the courses etc but does not offer enriched air.

My divemaster was Pany. He is young and very knowledgable and willing to make a dive very special. He was my dive buddy and it was just us on the dives.

I was keen to see Black Tip Reef Sharks and Pany did not disappoint me. He took me to a spot of the Reef where we came nose to nose with four circling, adult Black Tip Reef Sharks. Amazing. We got some great footage.

The rest of the dives were fabulous and delivered turtle, cuttlefish, nudibranch, spiny lobsters, squid, barracuda, pufferfish and all the Reef fish imaginable. The only disappointing thing was that my buddy decided to wake a sleeping blue spotted ray who was well hidden under the sand to show me. I would prefer all creatures to be just seen and not disturbed or hassled.

I would seriously recommend Ypsylon to any diver visiting Sri Lanka’s east coast.

Raymond Carothers
Open Water Diver at Ypslyon Diving

We stayed at the Anilana Hotel at Nilaveli Beach for 5 days and than ran into the Ypsylon Divers at the Nilaveli Beach Hotel close by. In September, end of the season in the east of Sri Lanka, we discovered that some of the diving schools didn’t even provide instructors any more. We also compared prices (390 $ for the open water paid here) and talked to some of the schools and decided for the guys from Ypsylon.
They speak English and German, everyone is relaxed, the equipment is new and well taken care of. My husband is an Advanced diver and did my four dives for the open water together with me and my instructor. Me, as the student, was more than lucky to have my instructor all to myself.
Nuwan, newly certified instructor, was the best start to diving I could imagine.
He was sweet, funny, caring, strict with the skills, training and rules, and he really knew what he was doing diving the Sri Lankan sea since 20 years.
If you ever read this, Nuwan, all my love to you! I really enjoyed every minute.
The dives around Pigeon Island (one of two marine national parks of Sri Lanka, 10 minutes boat ride from the Nilaveli beach) were amazing, we saw turtles, sharks, trigger fish, endless living corals, and so on…. All dives close to the island are as already mentioned, not that beautiful. The island is totally crowded during the season (April to October) and the corals close to the beaches of the island unfortunately suffered due to tourism.

Anne William
Nice Staff, good diving

We did two dives with the ypsylon dive school. Staff was very friendly and professional. Would definitely dive here again!

Erik Spence
Great time! Professional crew

my wife and I took a discovery class in scuba diving off pigeon island which included snorkeling. ww had no experience whatsoever but the guys were very professional. the prices were ok, the best we found actually. overall, a great experience.

Edgar Stinnett
Great experience

Roy is a brilliant manager and looked after the entire team very well, the guys even helped me set up a secure solution for my go pro case that had lost its arm tie. We did two dives starting at 8.30 and we were back on shore by 13:00. I had some issues with my oxygen and the team made me feel very safe, and ensured I was able to finish my dive with everyone. Delighted to see the turtles and sharks! If your dive includes a stop to Pigeon island make sure you have the 2000 in cash per person for the reserve fee. The rest you can pay for in card for a 3% fee. Thanks to Roy, Nuwan and the team for a great experience. They also have a dive centre on the south coast so if you are diving after October look them up there.

Donald Fouch
Great dive center

Great dive centre Efficient and friendly service Reasonable equipment Pany and Vandi couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly making our overall experience in Sri Lanka simply amazing!! Very very happy customers!!

Wiley Kimball
First Dive

Roy and his team were very friendly, excellent instruction was given and they were really flexible with us. Even when one of our group felt ill on the day they rearranged for her to go the next day. They were happy, enthusiastic and professional. I would certainly recommend them.

Jaclyn McGrath
Excellent friendly team and great diving

This place is located in between Anilana and Nilaveli hotels. Highly recommended place to go if you are a diver. Very experienced team with a couple of dive masters. You can either do discovery or PADI dives. It caters for both. Did a couple of dives with these guys which were fantastic experience.

Allen Hayes
Diving and babysitting

As we were staying with a young baby, we weren’t sure if we could go diving together. The team at Ypsylon offered to babysit (low season, so they might have had some spare hands) on Pigeon Island while we were going to dive, and that worked out very well.

The gear and boats are comparable to the other diving centers that we saw during our dives. Diving at pigeon island is nice. We saw a good variety of fish and turtles, and the corals are large (although sometimes damaged in shallow waters). Visibility was okay, probably a bit turbid due to a rough sea. We did 2 dives, one on each side of the island. Weirdly enough, we changed dive master in between dives and had to wait quite a long time before the second dive master was available. The first dive master was calm and guided us well. The second divemaster acted strange, quite hastily under water, sometime pushing and pulling us to provide us with a better view. We nearly lost our him while we were still looking a a turtle and he moved on.

All together, very happy that we were able to dive together thanks to the service of the center.

Pieter Hernandez
Amazing experience

I went to nilaveli with my wife and there we came across Ypsylon diving. We had a great time diving and snorkeling with the team. Crew of the diving center were very friendly and helpful. They are really professional and safety is a priority. We had a great time watching the beautiful sealife and we definitely want to go back!

David Tolman
Amazing , professional staff enjoying their work

After checking out the trip advisor reviews of the different companies offering a diving course we decided to go for the Ypsylon school.
They didn’t have the enormous quantities of the feedback that the big one have around here ( like the international diving school). But their prizes are also considerable higher.
So we choose for the unknown diving school and it revealed to be the best choice. We had a rehearsal the day before in the pool and the serious work came the next day. We had a mixed group of 8 with ranking from very experienced divers to first time divers as me.
The service was amazing and what stood out from this school is the enormous dedication of the staff and the fun they have in their work. Their professionalism was outstanding and the only “but” was probably the equipment where there seems to be always “better”. But for our whole group it was more than enough and we had a beautiful time where the staff made all the difference!!
We had another group leaving and the especially came to us to state what we already experienced: also they were impressed with the staff.
Don’t forget to tip these guys as they have an income of around 280€/ monthly and they work their … off.
Have fun it’s worth the experience. And one more remark that I found on the feedback. Don’t mix up the experience of the “banana” boat with the diving school please.

Philip Carpenter
Absolute amazing diving spots

Absolute amazing diving spots. Extract nice and super helpful people. I felt super safe and very well looked after the whole time. We even extended our stay by one day to squeeze in some extra diving

Simone Comeau

    We are situated on the beachfront of  Beruwala beach close to Bentota. Our facilities allow us to arrange dive trips for groups up to 10 people with all required diving equipment rental. We have 12 different dive sites available in our area including 2 ship wrecks. Marvin - the owner of our dive center has about 10 years diving experience in this area. Our main goal is to provide unforgettable holiday experience underwater  by guiding you through the best places in our region. Let us know if you need any assistance in making your diving arrangements.